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Grant Program

APRL gives grants to animal organizations that are highly effective at advocating for animals or directly saving lives. Here are some quotes from some of the organizations we support:

  • "APRL has funded hundreds of thousands of Vegan Outreach's booklets which have been handed out in Southern California, mostly to college students, resulting in innumerable new vegetarians and vegans."
    --Jack Norris, President,
    Vegan Outreach

  • "Thank you APRL for the generous grant - this funding helps us to continue helping special needs and geriatric animals off of death row at animal control."
    --Carla Naden, Founder, 
    Synergy Animal Rescue

  • "THANK YOU so very much for the donation – that makes a huge difference and means so much to our work!"
    --Sarah Shepard, Director of Development,
    Project Wildlife

  • "With APRL's generous support for our US VegWeek campaign, thousands more people will be empowered to choose healthier and more humane foods during the 7-Day VegPledge.
    --Erica Meier, Executive Director, 
    Compassion Over Killing

Cruelty-free Eating

All animals, including those raised for food, deserve humane treatment. Yet, 99% of meat, milk and eggs produced in the U.S. come from factory farms where animals are confined so tightly they cannot stand up, turn around, or fully extend their limbs or wings.

APRL was instrumental in working with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to pass Proposition 2 in California in 2008, a landmark ballot initiative banning the most extreme forms of factory farm confinement. This paved the way for similar measures in many other states. 

APRL also promotes a plant based diet. By reducing or eliminating animal products, we can help animals, achieve optimal health and protect the planet. In collaboration with Vegan Outreach, APRL has educated hundreds of thousands of people about the benefits of a vegan diet.

Ban Foie Gras

To produce foie gras (fattened liver), ducks are force fed large quantities of food through a metal pipe to expand their livers to over ten times their natural size. The ducks are slaughtered at the point where many of them begin to die from the process. 

APRL was instrumental in passing legislation in California to ban the sale and production of foie gras starting in 2012. The San Diego City Council commended APRL for its work on this issue and encouraged San Diegans to boycott this cruelty. APRL also successfully worked to pass resolutions supporting the ban in San Francisco, Solana Beach, West Hollywood and Berkeley. In 2007, APRL sponsored an independent poll showing that over 85% of San Diegans support a ban on foie gras. See StopForceFeeding.com for more information on this campaign. 

End Wildlife Poisoning

San Diego and many other cities use poison to kill squirrels, gophers and other wild animals. Poisoning wildlife is inhumane, causing animals painful deaths lasting hours or days. Poison is also unsafe, threatening non-target species and predators. 

APRL volunteers have documented squirrels dying after being poisoned in Balboa Park in San Diego. APRL worked with the City of San Diego to install hundreds of "no feeding" signs and worked with the City of Del Mar to eliminate poisoning in Seagrove Park. APRL promotes the use of humane, non-toxic and environmentally friendly solutions to wildlife control.

Protect the San Diego Seals

APRL has advocated to protect the San Diego seals since 2004 and has been instrumental in passing local and state legislation to ensure this Harbor Seal rookery will be protected. In 2007, APRL sponsored an independent, scientific poll that found strong support for protecting the seal rookery. APRL has also won numerous lawsuits to protect the seals. See our press room for more information on this campaign.

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